Hi I’m David Rhodes I am the designer and owner of

Hi I’m David Rhodescontact

I am the designer and owner of

I have been a network marketer for over twenty five years.  The links that you see all over this site is undoubtedly the best of the best of internet marketing.  Believe me I have seen a few.  There are lots of programs, great apps, great plugins and great coaches.

I am not here to get you to buy one of my products or try to talk you into joining one of my coaching programs.

It’s simple.  I want to introduce you to one of the great teachers and soon to be your friend in the internet marketing world.  And that is Mr. Dean Holland.  Yes, You can bypass me and go straight to him but you will find the same information that you will find there here.  Prob. you’ll find more here.

I assume you are still here.

Thanks.  I will receive a commission just by showing you this and you take some kind of action with him.

He is a giver.  I will make a small commission when you accept his free gift to you which is the affiliate marketing playbook.  Get it here or go the home page on this site.

It’s free.  You do pay the postage.

Read here what the affiliate marketing playbook is.


Here is the contact form to contact me for any reason.

My name is David,  Please feel free to ask questions….


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